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the cider of la sidrería la kupela in zaragoza

Asador Sidrería La Kupela in Zaragoza

Quality is our identity


A culinary offer...

… based on fresh products, on their quality and on a preparation that does not alter either the product or its quality.

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selection of fish
plate of squid

Where to find us

Our Asador Sidrería is located at Calle Santiago, 23 (next to Plaza del Pilar).

Our opening hours

From Tuesday to Sunday: from 12:00h to 17:00h
Thursday, Friday and Saturday: from 20:00h to 23:30h.

felix moreno chef sidrería la kupela

Our story

In 1995 the Asador Sidrería La Kupela opened its doors under the direction of chef Félix Moreno. His passion for Basque gastronomy, as well as for the culture of its sidrerías, led this Aragonese chef to open the first sidrerías outside the Basque Country at that time.

Asador Specialties

Sidrería La Kupela

cow chop

The cow chop or chuletón, is one of our specialties, as it could not be otherwise, being a Basque sidrería.

cutting up cow chop

But our offer goes beyond that. Wild fish is another specialty whose taste leaves no guest indifferent. Turbot, sea bream, tuna, sea bass…

Depending on the catch of the moment, we offer the fish that arrives at the port. We know that the waters of the Bay of Biscay, due to their wildness, offer productos whose taste and meat are to be enjoyed. We prepare them on the grill and sprinkle them with a special sauce (orio) of the house that enhances their flavor even more.

cutting fish at kupela zaragoza

Seasonal menu

We work with seasonal products to take advantage of all the flavor that nature provides us.

eggs and mushrooms

The boletus, the perrechico, the artichokes, the black bean of Tolosa, the tomato, the piparras, the anchovy of the Cantabrian Sea, the tuna…

Each season of the year provides us with a different product and we offer it to our guests at the moment when it tastes the best. That is why you will only find these products on the menu during the different seasons of the year.


As it could not be missing in a sidrería, we have the typical ” degustation menu” and we have also elaborated the so called “25th anniversary menu” that is composed of a tasting of the dishes that have been loved throughout our history.

The two menus are served in full for atleast 2 people, as all disches are served at the center of the table to share. Always served with natural cider.

Our bar and terrace

In the restaurant we have a bar area with tables where you can have lunch, dinner or vermouth in a more casual way. On weekends we prepare a selection of assorted pinchos, thus expanding the gastronomic offer.

And, if the weather is nice, our terrace gives you the opportunity to have lunch, dinner and appetizers outdoors Being in a pedestrian area, it makes your stay more comfortable and quiet.

terrace la kupela
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